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The Sportsmith Olympic Barbell – 20Kg

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$170.00 Each

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The Sportsmith Olympic Barbell – 20Kg

The Sportsmith Olympic Barbell – 20Kg

$170.00 Each

Meet the Omega bar, your next and last barbell

Designed to withstand every day abuse, the Sportsmith Omega bar is ready to help you smash your goals from day 1. We've tested this bar, we own and use this bar, and we know it's an amazing bar at an amazing price. If this bar could make a margarita, we'd even have one in our kitchens. 
How is it? The Omega bar is made with brass bushings for easier maintenance and long life. The spin is smooth and reliable so it moves well with any of your lifts. The knurling is that perfect depth where you can get a great grip but not so deep that you feel like you're going to leave skin behind when you lift. 

Bottom line: Barbells are a lot like art, a good piece is a great mix of precision and that intangible feeling that it's just right. We're proud of the Omega bar and we know you'll love it too. 

Barbell Features:

  • Tensile Strength - 190K PSI
  • 28.5mm shaft diameter
  • 7 feet long (86.5")
  • Brass bushings for reliable spin and satisfactory whip
  • Knurling marks for both Olympic and Powerlifting
    • Knurling section measures 17 1/4"
  • Bar sleeves are snap ring design
    • Loadable space on bar sleeve is 16.5"
  • 20kg weight (45lbs)
  • Hard chrome finish
  • Static Load (no motion on the bar, without bending) - 1500 lbs

Stephen from Tennessee gave us the new name for our bar so he had first dibs on arrival. Here is what he had to say: 

The bar performs amazingly. I have lifted on bars ranging from $100 beater bars all the way up to Werk-San and Eleiko bars. I would expect to pay $400-500 for this bar. It spins incredibly well for a bushing bar. It even spins better than some middle range needle bearing bars I've used. I was even able to set a 3 rep PR in the clean with the Omega bar. I am very pleased with this bar and its performance!”
  • Item Type: Olympic Bars
  • Knurl: Olympic and Powerlifting
  • Knurl Marks: Dual
  • Sleeve Coating: Hard chromed
  • Sleeve Construction: Brass Bushing
  • Sleeve Design: Snap Ring
  • Sleeve Length: 17.5
  • Tensile Strength: 190000 PSI





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