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Fitness Products

Sportsmith provides fitness accessories for residential and commercial gyms. Take some time to browse our huge online catalog of fitness products to find what's right for you. We specialize in premium fitness equipment for gyms throughout the country.

From high-intensity sports to yoga, speed, and agility training, we've got you covered. Get in the best shape of your life with the highest quality fitness products on the market.

Enjoy our competitive pricing and find the right fitness product for your needs. We work hard to provide exceptional customer service on every sale. Remember, your relationship with Sportsmith doesn't end after you receive your product. It's just beginning.

Athletic Training & Sports Performance

Choose from our vast inventory of athletic training and sports performance equipment. We carry medicine balls, jump ropes, dumbbells, sandbags, climbing ropes, and much more. Take a look – you're guaranteed to find the right gear for your gym at the right price.

Balance & Stability

Balance and stability exercises are an integral part of every athlete's training regimen. When you want to improve your core, balance, and coordination, check out our selection. We carry a variety of high-quality wobble boards, exercise rollers, and balance pads.

Core & Abdominal Training

Improve both your workout and daily living by strengthening your core. Sportsmith has a great selection of core and abdominal training exercise equipment. Choose from foam rollers, kettlebells, toning bars, ab straps, jump ropes, and much more.

Equipment Packages

Get everything you need to stay in shape in one buy! Sportsmith provides a range of equipment packages containing all you need to succeed. Check out our comprehensive fitness kits and create the perfect setup for your home gym.

Speed & Agility

Ready to improve your quickness and dexterity? Sportsmith supplies speed and agility gear so you can upgrade your performance today. From hurdles to sports cones and running parachutes, you'll find all you need to enhance speed.

Stretching & Flexibility

Proper stretching is a critical part of any fitness program. Check out our superior stretch boards, flex testers, resistance bands, and foam rollers. Achieve greater flexibility with stretching and flexibility equipment from Sportsmith.

Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and Pilates exercises are ideal for improving flexibility, breathing, and meditation. Bring your body and mind together with better posture and awareness. Check out Sportsmith's superior yoga mats, foam blocks, and straps for Yoga & Pilates.

High-Intensity Training

You know how important it is to get in a great workout. That's why you take every opportunity to make time for one. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an incredible method for burning fat ASAP. Strengthen your heart and transform your physique with our industry-leading HIIT gear today.

Recovery & Rehab

It's time to get proactive with your rehabilitation and recovery workout routine. Sportsmith supplies physical and occupational therapy equipment for rehab and recovery exercises. Check out our medicine balls, exercise rollers, wobble boards, suspension trainers, and more.

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