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Whether you're new to the gym or want to maintain peak performance, a barbell is the perfect piece of exercise equipment for your home gym setup. Barbells are metal weight bars capable of holding a variety of weights to accommodate any workout goal.

Sportsmith has a long history of providing the highest quality weight bars made from the best materials for its customers. We supply Olympic barbells, curling bars, body toning bars, and all the accessories you need to use them at optimal efficiency. Our goal is to consistently improve our production methods to meet every customer’s needs, from beginners to battle-tested athletes.

Weight Plates

Choose from Hi-Temp bumper plates made from crumb rubber and Sportsmith brand premium bumper plates made from 100% virgin rubber with hooked steel inserts. Safer and more durable than traditional steel plates, our bumper plates with 2” inserts are great for Olympic weight training.

Bar Collars

We supply bar collars designed to keep your weights in place while never damaging your barbell. From spring collars to clamping collars, choose our bar collars for your peace of mind.


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