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Strength workouts can build muscle, improve your metabolism, and make you less prone to injury. But without the right gym equipment, exercising and building strength can feel like a chore.

Sportsmith carries a wide selection of quality-made exercise equipment for strength training. Our selection includes weight bars, free weights, cable attachments, belting, pulleys, and more. We provide you the tools you need to achieve your strength training goals.

Keeping fit and getting stronger is great for your self-confidence, immune system, and natural ability. Our exercise equipment for strength training is ideal for improving your workout experience. We welcome you to browse through our available inventory of high-quality strength equipment.


Sportsmith is a leading manufacturer of Olympic barbells, body toning bars, bar collars and accessories. When you buy a workout bar or related accessories from Sportsmith, you’re guaranteed exceptional quality.

Cable Attachments

From hand grips to lat bars, tricep ropes, ankle straps, and abdominal crunch straps, we supply the cable attachments your gym needs. You’ll build bigger biceps and triceps, improve your grip, and reap the benefits of a personalized workout.

Cable, Kevlar, Pulleys & Hardware

Never fail to finish a strength workout because you don’t have the right components to get the job done. Sportsmith supplies Kevlar belting, cable pulleys, snap links, rubber ball stops, sleeve stops, rubber grips, and full hardware kits for your home gym.

Free Weights

Free weights are easy to grab and go as you move through your workout rather than adjusting weight on a machine between exercises. Sportsmith’s high-quality free weights allow for flexibility in your fitness training regimen.

Resistance Training

New to the gym or looking to round out your strength workout? Check out our resistance training equipment like tubes, bands, ankle cuffs, straps, sandbags, and jump ropes.

Stands and Racks

Keep your home gym clean and organized with our selection of quality stands and racks for exercise equipment. We offer toning bar storage racks, medicine ball racks, vertical dumbbell racks, Olympic barbell stands, and more.

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