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Elevate the performance of your Cybex Arc Trainer with Sportsmith!

We understand the importance of keeping your equipment in peak condition to ensure a seamless workout experience for your members. That's why we offer a wide range of genuine Cybex replacement parts, so you can keep your arc trainer running smoothly.

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Drive Belts: Ensure optimal power transmission and smooth operation on your Arc Trainer with our durable replacement drive belts.
Batteries: Keep your Arc Trainer's console powered up and ready for action with our high-quality replacement batteries.
Elevation Motors: Maintain precise incline adjustments with our selection of replacement elevation motors, engineered for reliability and performance.
Overlay Keypads: Keep your user interface functioning flawlessly with our premium overlay keypads, designed for durability and ease of use.

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Browse our parts inventory based on the item type you need, or narrow down your search by selecting your specific Cybex Arc Trainer model to find compatible parts quickly. Shop parts for popular models such as Arc Trainer 750A, Arc Trainer 770-771A, and Arc Trainer 610A-620A.

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