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Exerflex Pro Cable 3/16", Black Nylon Coating | By the Foot

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$1.30 Foot

In Stock
This is a non returnable item.
 Exerflex Pro Cable 3/16", Black Nylon Coating | By the Foot

Exerflex Pro Cable 3/16", Black Nylon Coating | By the Foot

$1.30 Foot

Exerflex Pro ® Fitness Cable 1/4" Diameter with Black Nylon Coating | By the Foot

  • Sold by the foot or in reels of 300, 500, 1000 feet.
  • Cable Dimensions: 1/8" bare cable = 3/16" coated with jacket
  • Color: Black
  • Jacket Material: Nylon
  • Strand Construction: 7 x 19
  • Breaking Strength: 2,000 lbs
  • Material: Galvanized zinc coated carbon steel
  • Product Type: Aircraft cable
  • Commercial/Military: Commercial
  • Qualifying Specification: Exerflex Pro ® high performance nylon jacket
  • Recommended Pulley Diameter: 3"
Why choose Exerflex Pro ® cable?
Do you want the best? We have done the research for you and to put it simply, Exerflex Pro ® dominates. This cable is more durable and reliable than that old truck your dad drove when you were a kid. Need more? With Sportsmith, you get the power of Exerflex Pro ® and the confidence that you're already getting the best pricing in the industry.
Some details:
Improve user experience. Equipment owners can tell and so can your users. The smoothness and flexibility will give you and your members a top quality workout experience.
Safety first. Reduce failures, lessen the risk of injury and be confident in your decision knowing that each lot of Exerflex Pro ® cable is tested and certified to exacting specs.
Cost effective. Spend a little more now to save you more down the road. Fewer service calls and less downtime will save you money and keep your members happy.

Custom cut cable is non-returnable
  • Length: 12"
  • Width: .25"
  • Height: .25"
  • Outside Diameter: .1875"
  • Item Type: Cable, Nylon Coated Wire Rope
  • Non-Returnable: Yes
  • Material: Galvanized Zinc Coated Carbon Steel





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