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What do we recommend?

Want help making an easy decision? We understand. Wipes can be confusing with all the different types. We think you'll like this section because we did the research for you so you don't need to figure out EPA vs FDA or know the difference between a microbe and a virus. We've narrowed your choices for a quick selection. In fact, you only need to know 1 thing.

Need to gently clean and sanitize? We recommend our Sportsmith Antibacterial Wipes. Why? These cost-effective wipes clean and sanitize and being FDA approved, they are also safe for use on your skin.

Do you think our wipes are great but you really need that "I killed Kenny" feeling? Then you need a disinfecting wipe. Our recommendation is an EPA List N registered wipe. Wipes on their List N are certified to kill COVID-19.

What is the key difference? Our Sportsmith wipes and the disinfecting wipes we offer rely on a QUAT formula to sanitize but List N wipes are not recommended for use on skin. Disinfecting wipes have a higher bar for measuring effectiveness and go through rigorous EPA testing. That higher bar certifies a greater level of effectiveness but it comes at the cost of no longer being recommended for skin contact.

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